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Unlimited Concrete Solutions Unlimited Concrete Solutions, LLC is a full service cast-in-place concrete subcontractor who performs work in Central Ohio. Located in suburban Columbus, UCS likes to service a 60 mile radius area.

UCS has had great success in the warehouse-distribution center construction market. Combining the use of our two (2) Somero laser screeds with our experienced and quality-minded craftsmen result in our flatness and levelness tolerances going unmatched.

UCS is being proactive in preparing for the rise in the large bulk warehouse and distribution center market in Central Ohio.  On May 8th we received delivery of our 3rd laser screed, a new Somero SXP with the new 14 ½’ wide head.  The new screed will fit well with our S-160 and the other SXP with a 12 ½’ wide head.

We are committed everyday to keeping our quality high and, at times, exceeding the project specifications and schedule. We feel that we would be a valuable asset to your construction team. Our commitment to working with our customers in a partnering atmosphere results in us having a client base made up almost entirely of repeat customers.



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